Top 10 well-chosen gifts for book lovers

Hello everyone! 

Every time I have to buy some gifts I feel so confused. To me it’s a very big thing to give someone a well-chosen gift. I used to look for gift ideas on websites as Pinterest or Tumblr and I have to admit that it’s not easy to find a good gift or even a gift idea! There is a lot of information, blogs and people on the internet and that’s why it’s difficult to find what you’re really looking for. I have browsed many articles on the topic above and I chose from this multitude of proposals only what was the best.

Read more and check out
what I suggest as the best
gifts for book lovers! 


  1. A personalized book diary!
  2. Not only paper books must be protected – e-reader case may be an important thing.
  3. The variety of bookmarks could surprise more than one person!
  4. An elegant scarf with text from a favorite book.
  5. Mugs are always great gifts for readers.
  6. A lovely library embosser.
  7. Paper Library Candles – yes, it really exists!
  8. Coffee or tea and pralines.
  9. To have a warm blanket is a great thing.
  10. Book lamp? Yes, of course!


I hope you like my ideas
(because they are absolutely brilliant)!
Whatever, let me know in comments
what’s your opinion. 🙂



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