You can not write? Try this! 40 ways to increase your creativity and start writing again

Sometimes it’s difficult to start writing because a serious conversation in your head begins. I know this because I often have such a problem. Writing is a difficult task. It requires patience, reliability, time, repetition, constant rewriting, ingenuity and finally passion. Writing is also not for everyone. But remember, if you want to do it and you love to do it (that’s the essential condition) then just do it.

There are 40 ways to overcome these limits. The best you can do is let your mind work at high speed. And remember, what drives the mind is creativity.



Here are 40 ways to increase your creativity

I believe that after reading this post your problems
will disappear in a short time. 


  1. Create an inspirational board
  2. Get out more
  3. Sketch more
  4. Go to the theatre
  5. Experiment
  6. Practice
  7. Socialize
  8. Eat different cuisine
  9. Keep up with trends
  10. Stop comparing yourself to others
  11. Learn a new skill
  12. Question things
  13. Read books
  14. Use sticky notes
  15. Turn off distractions
  16. Break your rutine
  17. Be around creative people
  18. Spy on the competition
  19. Let go of fear
  20. Visit exhibitions
  21. Collaborate with others
  22. Travel
  23. Get a new hobby
  24. Challange yourself
  25. Make lists
  26. Mediate
  27. Get feedback from peers
  28. Listen to music
  29. Watch films
  30. Take risks
  31. Write stuff down
  32. Declutter your workspace
  33. Love what you do
  34. Finish projects
  35. Visit museums and galleries
  36. Keep a dream diary
  37. Have sex
  38. Take naps
  39. Watch motivational speeches


and 40. (the most important one for me)
Stay curious like a child is!


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